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Kira + Kommander Red+ Blake Backstory.

Posted by rocknight1991 - October 1st, 2021

As you know, I made two OCs named Blake and Kira. I also have a character named Kommander Red, but I want to create my Happy Birthday Edd art first, then K.Red. I will not give too much of a description, as I want the characters to be like legends, and they can be interchangable, like for an AU.Just the basic stuff, so someone could make headcanons. Like how people make headcanons about ENA, Pico, Tankman, and Edd from Eddsworld.

The following is a fictional biography about the three characters, which may be based on some real things about me like my calm and friendly personality, but any similarities of people, places and things living and or dead, are entirely coincidental.


About her:

The young and calm leader, she enjoys animation, stuffed animals, music videos, blogging, music-making, martial arts, and skateboarding. She believes in "With power, comes responsibility" and hates it when dumb people have power, as she can tell the future, and knows they will cause so much horrible stuff. She was gifted her gauntlet by her brother, Kommander Red.


She is very calm, friendly, and laid-back, with a nice sense of humor and is sometimes annoying, however, if she snaps (which is rare), she will release a dangerous anger so great she will scare anyone in her way, and sometimes rejects the easier option for a more painful one. She loves cats, and would do her best to not harm any animals.


About her:

She is a powerful half-angel who passed away in a car crash, but got half-revived. She can transform from her human to angel form whenever she needs to. If she dies she turns into ashes, then turns into an angel then flies to heaven. The only one who can truly kill her is the Grim Reaper. Her heart is made of diamonds, and she loves diamonds because they can heal her heart. She has a bow that can shoot light arrows, and a spear of darkness.


As an angel, she is very kind and compassionate, and wants to help any of her friends in hard times. She is very calm and patient, and likes to chill in gardens. Until her death, she was slightly more cruel. However, she is not to be trifled with. If provoked, she will unleash a horrible rage which causes her to throw her dangerous spear to her victim, or try to shoot the victim with light arrows. Though forgiving, if you provoke her so badly, she will not rest till she kills you/you die of another cause.

Kommander Red:

About him:

An office worker who hates his job and doesn't like his coworkers, besides a hot female coworker named Allie, and a Hispanic man named Miguel. When his job ends, Red turns into his dangerous assassin persona by putting on his suit. He was bullied horribly for multiple reasons when he was younger, and had depression. Though he is in a better state of mind, he still wants revenge, so he targets the people who have bullied him. He is often seen with Blake, though the reason will not be stated.


Very aggressive and cold, also a big carnage-lover. He sometimes rejects the easier option for a more bloody option when he kills. Red often hides not just to not be caught, but also to sometimes surprise innocent people, his victims, or Allie. Despite this, he is very caring, and loves his friends and family.

That's all folks.




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