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Posted by rocknight1991 - 1 day ago

(TW:Just a heads up, this vent will contains mention of mental health, bullying, disrespect of the dead, Columbine, and sibling cruelty. Do not read if you are triggered by these things.)

I hate life so much. I want to scream and cry and yell like a dick but my parents won't let me. They say they let me be angry or sad but get mad and yell at me for crying. What asses. My mom is scared of the word autism despite her knowing that I have it. (She isn't hateful toward autistics she is just scared of the phrase) Here are some other things ticking me off:

1.My friends have been ignoring me and the friend I have a crush on hasnt talked to me. I'm insecure about admiting my crush on him. One of my friend's mom passed away some weeks ago, and I accidentally disrespected her. I have been saying sorry, and she forgives me, but I worry that deep down, she hates me now. I've wanted to socialize so bad but I don't know what to say, and I'm insecure about sharing my interests and some of my favorite artists.

2.When I was in 3rd grade I bullied a kid named Tristan in school. I thought she was bullying me, so I reported her to my mom. My mom told her not to be friends with Tristan. I later realized she was acting "weird" because she was deaf/blind, I think. Me and Tristan are in a good relationship, but I still feel terrible.

3.I realize that some of my grades are going down and I feel like my parents hate me and that I will end up in summer school or even suspended. I wanna go to a good high school, and enjoy my summer. I'm not one of my annoying classmates who act like dicks.

4.I'm usually an optimist who loves my world and sees silver linings. However, I've started to become really sad and upset about the world I live in. Homeless people, climate change, roberries, you-know-whats, its so stressing on me. The worst part? I CANT FUCKING CHANGE ANYTHING. Why does God allow this? Why? I JUST WANNA GIVE THE SHIT UP CUS THE FUTURE IS GONNA BE BULLSHIT.

5.I'm not totally religiously conservative, but I'm a young Muslim teen. Sadly, for a while, I feel like I have been straying from God and feel closer to Satan. I've gotten into rock music, especially KMFDM, and really want merch, and a trench coat. I also like metal/emo aesthetics, and like art with demons. I'm worried about the afterlife. Also, about KMFDM, I feel like people will insult and laugh at me for listening to an awesome band that has been associated with Columbine for 20+ years. I know that those people who say that are dumb and believe anything they see, but I worry so much that I may get insulted for my music taste.




Posted by rocknight1991 - 4 days ago

March 2007...

Almost three years after the Eye of Hope being discovered in a cave...

Three teens learn about it's power, and it's destruction it can bring.

They appear to be named Linda, Rodrick, and Shelby. Shelby and Linda were sisters, Rodrick was Shelby's boyfriend.

Shelby: How you doing, Linda?

Linda: I'm good.

Shelby: I'm working on a new flash animation for my Sheezyart profile.

Linda: Sweet.

Rodrick runs to the room, and drops the Heart of Hate/Anger

Shelby: RODRICK! Be careful next time! Thank god you had the Heart of Love to shield yourself! Dropping the Heart of Hate is dangerous!

Rodrick: Damn.

Shelby: I saw someone throw the Eye of Hope at the sky, and it had lightning out of it, killing innocent peeps.

Linda: WTF?

Shelby: Yes. The Zymorlian glyphs are not to be fucked with. Now, I'm gonna get coffee. I hope I dont spill it on my Evanescence shirt.

Four minutes later, they go to their neighborhood cafe. Rodrick and Shelby get coffee with whipped cream, Linda gets orange juice and a donut.They walk to Shelby's home, and go back to the room. The Eye of Hope makes horrifying noises and makes slight glitches.

Shelby: What the fuck?

The Eye of Hope: I have seen so many horrible people in this world. But the worst I seen were four guys who tried to make jewelery out of the other Zymorlian glyphs. It makes me super mad, especially with the fact that they shoot the glyphs. We do not feel physical pain from such shots, but horrible psychological pain. If you see four men in grey coats with five-leaf clovers on them, stay safe. They will try to attack you, Linda, and Rodrick. Say the Chant of Omnipotence and throw me at the sky. I will unleash justice. But here's a tip, after throwing, run.

Shelby: Fuck.

A day later, the four men with the five leaf clover coats approach the trio. They try to attack them for the Eye of Hope.

They are named Johnny, Donny, Ronnie, and Liam.

Liam: Get them!

Rodrick: Get off! What did we do?

Liam: You stole something from us!

Linda: No we didn't.

Liam: Johnny, Ronnie, beat them up! We need the Eye of Hope!

Shelby: I will throw it to you, just wait.

Rodrick: Recite the Chant of Omnipotence!

Shelby: *chants in Kisnekora* (Release all your energy, Eye of Hope. Save us. We need you. Smite our enemies.

Shelby throws the Eye of Hope to the sky, and it transforms. The actual eye is bigger, and the Eye of Hope is more elaborate. Both the men with coats and the trio are scared.

Linda: Run!

Linda, Shelby, and Rodrick run far from the Eye of Hope.


Johnny: That thing's weak.

The Eye of Hope: SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU'VE TRIED TO DESTROY US AND UNLEASH EVIL SPIRITS, BUT YOU UNDERESTIMATED THEM. I KNOW ALL AND I SEE ALL. I WILL NEVER DELIVER HOPE TO YOU, ONLY DEATH AND DESPAIR.S̸̩̮̞̀͗̾̈́͋A̴̦̦̯͍̤͍̬̝͔̿̿̾̒͗͒̄͐͘͜͠Y̸̪̜͇͚̙̬̹̪͖̊̏̌̍̀ ̴̨̧̳̺̠̪̥̣͒͘͠͝͝Y̸̭̳̣͈̋͗͝Ǫ̸̳̬̠̗͓͙̯͙̀U̶̢̨̫͎̬͎͓͖̓̾̂̿̈́͛̈́̕͝ͅR̴̰̱̗͑ ̷͔͖̄̍͛̑͆̋P̴̫̺̉Ŗ̵̙̀̊͑̋̇̕͜ͅḀ̶̲̝̖̦̥̬̇Y̴͓̞̗͓̮̘̥̋̑̌̒ͅE̴̡̝̫͙̼̓͗̚R̵̡̋̉̉̈̎̚Ş̷̠̲̰̖͎̖̜̲͐̏.̶̢̞͎̠͔̰͉̦̻͈͝.

Liam: RUN!

Johnny, Ronnie, Donny, and Liam run, but can't outrun the Eye of Hope. The Eye of Hope becomes surrounded by electricity.


The Eye of Hope strikes multiple places and smites all of them except Ronnie. Ronnie hides in a cellar, but the Eye of Hope smites him.



Posted by rocknight1991 - 6 days ago

April 2004....

in a cave near a small suburban town with many sweet people....

two men succumb to the Eye of Hope's power....

The men who ended up succumbing to it were named Bob and Martin, but their last names are hidden for privacy.

This is a fictional story based on the Eye of Hope. Nothing here really happened in real life.

Bob: Where the fuck is that treasure? This place is fucking famous for special treasures, but all we found was dirt and rocks.

Martin: And snakes.

Bob: It's hopeless, I should just go home.

Martin: What's that thing glowing there?

Bob: Wait a sec, it looks like a star with an eye in it. And it has some weird symbols. Maybe a cult? Or an ancient temple? Or aliens?

Martin: Let me check.

The Eye of Hope makes strange noises at both of them, and glows. It makes weird noises that sounded like gibberish to others, but made total sense to Martin and Bob.

The Eye of Hope: Martin, Bob, I know you encountered nothing but dirt, rocks, snakes, and boring shit around here. But discovering me was a sign. On the end of this tunnel, ancient gold and diamonds are glistening for you. No traps. No theives. Nothing. Don't lose hope. Keep digging. Carry me in your empty pocket Bob.

Martin: I suddenly feel the urge to keep digging. Lets do this.

Bob: Lets go!

Martin and Bob continously dig for the treasure, eventually finding it after 2 hours.

Bob: HOLY SHIT! So much gold! And diamonds! Oh my God! Ancient scrolls!

Martin: Maybe we should get rich off these gold so you can pay your debt. The scrolls look ugly as shit, but would fit for a museum.

Bob: That's a good idea, dude!

Martin and Bob run and put all their treasure in the bag. A man named Avery steals the Eye of Hope from Bob's pocket.

Avery: This is awesome treasure! Digging is useless and for the working class. Or should I say, working ass! I should search for more awesome shit!

The Eye of Hope makes the noises again, but instead of encouraging and friendly, it sounds aggressive and angry.

The Eye of Hope: YOU SON OF A BITCH.

Avery: Who called me a son of a bitch?! I will shoot you!

The Eye of Hope: Tsk, tsk, tsk. I have encountered you Avery. You have tried to destroy me with TNT, gunshots, and gamma rays. You have bullied and harrassed multiple people. I will lead you to your fate.

Avery: OK.

The Eye of Hope glitches and glows, scaring Avery.

Avery: Why is it glowing? What's going on?



Avery dies in a bloody explosion from the Eye of Hope's energy. Bob and Martin retrieve it again, but now aware of it's dangerous side.



Posted by rocknight1991 - 11 days ago

In 2021 I created two glyphs called the Eye of Hope and the Heart of Hate/Anger. Here's how they look like.


Here is the lore:

Both the Eye and Heart are just two of many strange ancient artifacts that fell to Earth back somewhere around 1983. It is unknown how they came here. Some people believe they are strange remains from an alien race called the Zymorlians. Others believe they are divine entities created by God, angels, or other celestial beings, maybe even a horrid beast.

Each has a specific function, and they leave trails when they fall to earth. Sometimes, they can be recognized by the right people, for example the Eye of Hope can be seen as a normal star in the sky, except pinkish white and is as big as the Moon. The Diamond of Bravery (not drawn yet) can be seen in fences sometimes. They can heal, damage, summon, summon lightning, and even warp time and space. However, as powerful and divine these beautiful gifts are, if fallen into the wrong hands, horrible chaos may occur. All of these are around millions, even billions of years old, however they are invincible and stay intact.

You may have noticed the glyphs had weird symbols around them. They are part of a strange alphabet that is not known by humans. It could be the Zymorlian language, Kisnekora, or a strange celestial language not deciphered.

One example of the danger of the glyphs is the Eye of Hope. If you stare at the actual eye, they will feel powered and protected, also feeling and seeing a random experience and place. You may see paradise, a fancy beach, somewhere in Norway, your old home, or the deepest pits in hell. At the same. Fucking. Time. Those who stare too long may get killed or driven insane, but they may heal or feel fresh started.



Posted by rocknight1991 - 2 weeks ago

Hello. This day, last year, I joined Newgrounds so I could play Flash games before it would shut down. It has been such a long journey. I improved my artstyle, learned a lot, regretted things, helped one of my fave artists, CIEIRMusic, be more positive, started to enjoy KMFDM, met new friends, and hanged out on the BBS. Thank you all for making my experience fun. Myself 1 year ago could've never imagined me making lots of art and getting close to 100 fans. I want to learn how to be a better person and improve.

Also, I have been waiting for 2022. CIEIR PMed me about a new song he is planning to make. The 10th Edd's Day is coming. I hope for the pandemic to end.



Posted by rocknight1991 - 1 month ago

1.Fluttershy's Lovely Song (2012)

It's ridiculously funny, and I love Fluttershy. Also, the voice is hilarious.

2.Kitten (2001)

Despite it being short af, it's very cute and funny. I also like how the kitty looks.

3.Emo (2006)

Short, but sweet. I love the style. It reminds me of being a little girl for some reason.


So funny. That's all I will say.

5.all ur base r blong 2 us (2001)

Very iconic meme, nostalgic, funny, and catchy music.

6.ALASKA! (2020)

Nice artstyle, funny moments, cool voices. I love the cardboard trap part.

7. PSA Piracy (2020)

I love Madness Combat. Also, it's a good message, and I love Hank.

8.Cookie Jar Gone Wrong (2010)

It's just too hilarious, though the ending was pretty sad.

9.Badekaret til Pelle (2005)

I can't understand what the singer is saying, but the music is catchy and nostalgic, plus it's one of Tord's remaining animations on NG.

10. Space Martini's Far Out Man (2021)

Beautiful music, nice animation, cool style.

11.. Space Martini's Alpha Man (2021)

Same explanation above.

This is just some of my fave animations, I have more.



Posted by rocknight1991 - 1 month ago

im very upset and i feel like the pandemic will never end. im also really fucking dead inside and i cant smile that much anymore. i wish i was my hopeful and optimist self again. oh well, time to face the truth that life isnt as great as i think. I'm not suicidal nor depressed, but I hate life currently.

edn of my vent



Posted by rocknight1991 - 1 month ago




Posted by rocknight1991 - December 10th, 2021

I was talking to my friend RoboticBloxxer on Discord and wanted to show him my Carrd, then I heard something horrible. He was run over by a speeding car. He said he didn't break any bones, but his 2 front teeth fell off and his joints are sore. I hope he sees better days. I feel so bad and upset for him.



Posted by rocknight1991 - December 1st, 2021

If you don't know what "Peg + Cat" is, it was a cute show on PBS Kids with this adorable girl named Peg playing a ukelele and going on adventures with her cat named Cat. I loved the show basically, it was educational, it was fun, and it was cute.

However, there were three characters I personally dislike about the show, The Teens. While I know "The Teens" were there to teach little kids about numbers, what makes me upset is how stereotypical the characters are. They just took selfies, shopped at the mall, and acted so strange. Teens are not like that, especially with the 2020s. If you make teen characters, at least give them depth and don't make them stereotypes.

edn of my facking rant